“Why do things happen, because gods make them happen!”

One big question this COVID-19 outbreak should raise and help answer is the question of divinity! is there truly a god or gods? Which god is to blame for the pandemic that has struck the entirety of human race cutting across all cultures; believers and non-believers alike! If there are gods then who’s god has shown might and power and anger across all divides? And yet again which god then shall save us? Is it the christian God? Or Islam Allah? Murungu or Were? Shall it be Oden or Mama Ji? Which god will save us from this ticking bomb that is killing us at alarming rates?

Gods or at least the supreme and supernatural beings humans believe in have been characterized as epitome of perfection in knowledge, power and all you can think of. I have been told that these beings or gods have a perfect plan, a divine plan but looking at the story of 2020 I question the perfection of this plan and whichever divine being was responsible did a not so good a job. If the Australian fires and Corona have been part of the plan of a supreme being that loves and cares for its creation then it is fair to say its not impressive.

The relationship between man and god has, as per my understanding, been based on the simple principle of “scratch my back and I will scratch yours!” And by this then one good turn always deserved another. So when sacrifices are made, praise given by the humans then the gods were often in debt of favours to mankind. When bad things happened it was believed that the gods or these supreme beings weren’t happy and something man had done or not done was the cause of punishment or pandemics. This from time immemorial called for atonement and at times human life was the ultimate price.

The situation has worsened to the extent that nations founded on basis of religion have shut down the places of worship and now it has become a crime to congregate in such places to give reverence to the gods! Don’t we have faith in these beings? Are we not believers in the gods that we give out time, resources, praises and worship? Don’t we think that they can dave us anymore than they have done at some points in the histories of our faiths? Aren’t we the ones who call them by names; healer, doctor! Where again are the native healers we often fall back to? Funny now how all religious leaders are now waiting for Corona to be over to start proclaiming healing to the sick! If there was a moment we needed miracles that it was now if not months ago… What good is a god who restores sight to the blind and heals the lame yet can not save against the monster massacring even innocent kids?

One thing then is for certain that we all have turned our faces full of desperation to science and technology. We all just look for a way from our fellow human beings in health care systems and positions of power to help us out in this time. Shall we then say that it was after all true that: humans create gods because we wonder why things happen and when we have no answers we create gods, so things happen because gods make them but these gods are limited just by our own imagination! They live and they die.

Are gods real? If yes, what is their stand in this time?

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“Everyday you wake up in the morning and you say “tomorrow will be better” and after a few hundred more mornings you realise nothing has changed and after a thousand mornings you are still sad!”

Life is just a mirage, just another series of beautiful lies, whats the sad truth then…? For quite a long while I have bore very sad thoughts and emotions in my life but still manage to fake a smile in the streets and later coil in my sheets trying to hide away from myself, my being and the many voices  I hear condemning me, it feels like I am drowning as I watch everyone around me breath with ease.

Story of my life huh, where are those country roads that take us home? but again home is where our hearts are and you realise that in that broken heart you have all these ghosts of yourself that await to torment you.

One time you are the best at what you do, the next you feel like you suck at even being yourself. Some people have told me that I need love yet they don’t know how much love screws us up. Ever given your whole self to someone knowing you had found the one thing that you would lose an arm for only to be left fore-lone?

I wish I could say something to myself because I feel like I am giving up on me…I wish I could tell myself that I am a good person, “you CAN make it, YOU. CAN. DO. IT. I BELIEVE IN YOU, IN YOUR IDEAS, YOUR FLAWS, IN YOUR MIND, IN YOU”…but how can I do this yet I am a total stranger to myself, I no longer know who I am! I feel like I am losing my mind, my body is failing me, my will is draining fast, my life energy is just a dying ember…I feel scared, watched, all these voices in my head…

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!” …why the pursuit of happiness?  So now I see that happiness was not something I could just attain, it is just that one thing we all live to attain but still die in pursuit of…




Not all stories have another chapter…this one is just one long chapter written maybe in prose but come to think of it…sometimes the wrong choices lead us to the right places.

In the beginning she used to whisper in my ears and tell me that she loved me. The worlds spoke but then to us we heard nothing but our heart beats that spoke a thousand words! It was the epoch of incredulity but we believed in what we felt!

See I chose to have a glimpse of her demons and what she was deep in her soul. She was beautiful but I wanted something more than just her body. I wanted to know her from the peaks of her curves to the depth of her dents where she bent and where she broke. I knew well that at times she wanted me to be sweet and smooth the type to get her flowers and at times she needed me to just to take control.

Same way at times I needed love and other times I needed just a pole dance



AGE 19-24

I have come to learn that this the toughest range of years in a man’s life. When you’re in this bracket you realize that life was a smooth breeze and now it has turned to a series of hurricanes. These hurricanes hit every single aspect of your life; financial, emotional, name them. When you come to this age you are hit by the realization that you are a young adult and this changes everything in your life.

Most probably you have joined campus and the first cliques you had are just a bunch of buddies you came from the same high-school with or some random guy you met the the  registration. You are probably in different courses but somehow you always find time to hang out together. Your parents send you ‘a little’ pocket money to keep you on the go and you can manage to save to some to spoil yourselves for the ‘furahiday’. You get a girl and all over sudden turns all your attention from your buddies to her, you spend less with friends and ultimately you adopt a new set of friends whom you lie to yourself suit your prospective future.

Few years into campus you feel guilty asking for some monetary favors from mum and dad so you start being clever and device new means of extorting some cash from them. At times you feel like honesty is sure the best policy so you call them and instead of asking for cash you end up asking how they are doing and hang up the phone. Well this part of a man’s life is called seeking financial stability. You want to show mum and dad that you are responsible and can take care of yourself just to earn more respect but in the real sense you are just one broke son of man. Your mind travels fast and wild and you start looking for some co-curricular activity that’ll earn you a few bucks. You tell yourself that education might not be everything and your network is your net worth.

Remember you have a girlfriend! Well you have to call her as she expects that of you, random treats, lunch and diner dates, surprise her with something new, take her out, spend time with her (come on ladies, i have even lost memory of all the hings you expect of us but lord knows its one hell of a list, way longer than Santa’s). So you are one guy tryna keep his academic records straight, be a loving boyfriend  to your girlfriend who wants time. (Time is money but it wont buy her a new dress!)

So at this ti,e she wants to talk to yo at night, she is frustrated, so you load up your phone with airtime(from the cash you don’t have) to call her, before she says it all your talk time is up(most of y’all ladies gotta lean to go straight to the point). Your whatsapp chats were long and now they start getting shorter, you get a phrase then couple of words then its a single word like ‘okay’ ‘lol’, a delayed response then you only get one word ‘k’ but if you are lucky then you get an emoji. Your calls get missed yet you are still the one to blame (ingredient for a  happy relationship: if you win an argument as a man then you have to apologize ASAP!) By now your calls are short and far in between and silence is now the main language of your relationship and your arguments are filled with things you had said over and over again.

So one day she hits you up with that text..’we need to talk!” even Satan himself knows how much we dread that text as men. you get the news you never wanted to hear “you are a nice guy but i don’t feel the  same anymore!” I swear nothing below the sun gets a man lost emotionally as those sets of words. You ask her if she really does love him and she hits you with ” he is loving caring blah blah” i don’t know the rest because by now no man is ever listening…any lady feel free to text me what you normally say. You tell her if it make her happy then you are happy yet you know she was your happiness.

Now you are one single guy just having random flings with all girls you want. You tell yourself its life and its hell amazing and wonder why you held on to her. This part of a mans life is called covering up your life and pretending but hell you fake it till you make it till you make.

Enough of that heart breaking story…fast forward…couple years later and you are in your mid or late twenties or early thirties, mum and aunt Susan are pressuring you to get married.  So this day you meet a young beautiful lady in her early 20’s. you ask her out sometime and few months you are dating the voila wedding plans…she invites her friends over and in the crowd sits a young man who is heart broken that his girlfriend left her to get married to an older stable guy but this doesn’t hit you that the boy is your reflection..

and he cycle continues



“I shall not accept to be duped by patriotic songs on national media whilst my brothers are dying by the same patriotism. Oh just a disclaimer….I feel safer with ISIS than the Kenyan police.”

It’s a shame that my fellow countrymen are being brought down while they stand for their rights and by that I shall conclude this in the beginning: There shall come a moment  when we shall all be charged to stand in the courts of time and trust me history shall judge us harshly for the wrong ideologies that we supported and for the right ones that we rejected…and in that time the current suffering “minority” shall come to rise and tell me oh children of the brutal system, where shall you hide in those days of vengeance ?  I am no prophet but in this you can have my word..there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth..

I am writing this with tears running down my already tear stained face for the pain is too much. The pain of my mothers who have been crying and are still crying for their sons and daughters who have been dying and are still dying by the unforgiving gun of the police who have been  firing and are still firing in support of a government system that has been lying and is still lying.

If you meet me on these cold streets please remember to remind me that democracy is still governance by a government of the people for the people and by the people…who are of course the dying men with not even a straw to clutch on.

Someone please tell me why we are ethnically profiled against with shots fired at us each moment we raise our voices even while crying for those we have lost. My fellow countrymen try make sense to me why my brethren are being killed in cold blood in broad daylight like savages or like animals that have gone rogue as if we are children of a lesser god. Are we not crying for our rights top be respected..and now I see that the most preposterous notion is that the constitution holds the right to life with high regard.

One day that living God will say that enough is enough and how I long for that day to get closer so that our oppressors and their supporters can taste the sting of vengeance and if revenge is a dish best served cold oh angel Michael make it come from the deepest freezers you have in heaven… but then again men have never dreamed of a god above them so soon we shall stand in the stature of gods themselves and woe unto those who have the blood stains on their hands, woe unto those who made the earth wet by the tears of our mothers, woe unto all those who broke the hearts of our fathers and made them die voiceless in pain and agony.

But until then I shall ask where are you oh dear God? At least turn these evil men into pillars of NaCl (sodium Chloride) like you did to the wife of  Lot or at least open those floodgates of heaven and let it rain fires of sulphur like you did to Sodom and Gomorrah and if that is much to ask oh lord then open the earth and let them be swallowed into the belly of mother nature….OR BETTER STILL LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH LIKE SAMSON AND A DONKEY JAWBONE AND LET ME FIGHT THESE PHILISTINES IN OUR PROMISED LAND.

Notebooks of Alvin: I, I and I


You see I have loved that ignored me and really had good shots at ignoring the ones that truly loved me. I guess I am just some sucker for shit…

See I have felt bravery even in the times when I was most scared and gone ahead to do stupid things despite being one smart arsed.

See I have been loved and still felt unlovable maybe because in all that I needed the semblance of sanity without the responsibility.

I have run short despite being a six foot tall human male species and seen the height of my stupidity surpass my short temper or rather get fueled by the same.

I have smiled deepest even in moments that I was in the midst of pain and distress and turmoil and breakdown and anger and….

You see I have felt alive at the times when I died on the inside and felt lonesome in the most crowded places on planet earth…and at times I have enjoyed my own company in the moments when I don’t torment myself…

but in all this I love the fact that I HAVE BEEN ME

…the end


“I’m going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call the time eternity.”

At times I have felt like drowning…not in love…maybe a bottle of whiskey…Well at times I wonder what really goes through the mind before one dies…do you ever just think of family, love, friends or something crazy like some erotic memories.

Come to think of it suicide is the one decision that you make in your life and trust me if you are successful then you will not live to regret it. I have seen many comment on the same thinking that suicide is cowardice but I would really like to challenge you to give it a try if you can even sustain the thought of it all. It is one brave thing to do depriving oneself of all the pleasures and pain of the beauty of life. For me I think that death by resurrection would be interestingly worse…but for as far as life and death are concerned you are better of being dead than live to see yourself lose hope. I have learnt that nothing is worse than a man losing hope…at times you feel helpless and well many people barely have friend and it’s even worse to live to the realisation that you known many people but have little or no friends at all that actually give no two shits about you. No one ever sees the pain behind the smile and the torture you go through daily in the darkest corners of your memories along the corridors of your conscience and sub-conscience where the soul fight your personality, pride, beliefs and identity. I have seen ladies cry and big men weep but none can be compared to the painful cries I make in my smile….the weeping that I do in silence or in between the highs of my laughter. When you have tried to kill yourself in your dreams and realise tat dreams are realer than life and you awake up and you just want to make your dreams come true. When you come to the realisation that the future only holds surprise years of old age and suffering then you actually long to cross over to a place where there is no self but just calm. When you have actually accepted that you might actually die today, tomorrow, next year or maybe 100 from now then you realise that there is difference in it all…in the end I will be in a lifeless body eaten by worms and ants whose ancestors I once trod on and maybe dogs, hyenas or wolves will be gnawing on the bones thereafter….at that point you actually see no point of delaying it all. Then you start thinking of braver ways to do it….hanging on a rope or jumping off a building is quite  cliche and you realise you are too proud to drink rat poison…you might as well be thinking of making the re-known 1000 cuts by triads with a fine twist of burning in chemicals. Some of us would think of prettier ways like joining the army so that they would never find out and just say you died in service and have 21 bullets fired in respect to the choices you made….and who knows by the time you actually read this note it would be too late and I might as well be the late….if that be the case do carry me in a 1965 Ford Mustang…………

“depression is real lets talk about it”


I am quite an intelligent fella and I could for instance tell you how long Africa has been a country, how Kenya became a continent  or how many grams make an Instagram.

Some wonder why all my good looks and corny  vibes never seem to land Lisa Bonet or Nia Long or some Norma Jeanne Mortenson otherwise known by you as Marilyn Monroe. Well you see i know some sehctib (for read discretion read backwards) that i wish i could unfollow in my uncelebrated life.

You see most girls of my age love small talk and am so poor at that. See I have this irresistible urge to approach a girl and just have intellectual  talk and maybe something like the economic prospects of China, Putin’s next move on the AI talk and maybe Trumps take on our world supreme leader Kim Jong-Un. Now we all know or maybe I do that these topics have unfathomable way of introducing yawns to the mouths of these girls and I have never watched some trashy reality TV show like keeping with the kardashians .

I must here in however accept that there was this one time I met a girl who was unmoved and could not resist the urge to converse about democratic state of Estonia and the presidential election in Myanmar  and so I was quite turned on mentally you know to say the least. On a normal day am quite not a Mother Teresa type of person and Martin Luther King Juniors dream would actually come true before I even offer a lady I not interested in a drink…like if she is not intriguing then I would watch her burn a s drink water or even ask her whats that 911 number we call for  emergency….but this one time I asked her out.

The air was calm relaxed on that evening, the clouds meeting a golden goodbye shine in the horizon, crickets rubbing their feet and frogs harmonizing some classics…it was just one nice romantic walk. I still remember that long enchanting chat…well it felt like this one time you are normal and just warming your soda in the microwave sipping some rice, grilling some beer while cracking a hot one without the boys.

…so when the LSD and little bit of weed faded off I realized that I had been with a stolen Mannequin from a store downtown…




I happen to be part of a generation that has a totally different view of dating. We the Tech generation have inclined more to online flirting on Facebook and double tapping on Instagram to replace the real life version of compliments.

Nowadays we no longer ask people out; we rather ask them to “come over”. For a good instance I have no memory of telling an lady that I will pick her from her place or a strategic point all I do is just get there and send her a text (if they are lucky they get a call) saying that “I’m here already!”.

I have heard that first dates can be and as a matter of fact are awkward but then its worth a shot, that is if she says yes. If she says no then well and good because I will definitely ask another lady out. So on that first date I promise to be myself and I will try my personal best to make it more awkward and I will tell my usual stupid bad  jokes that I am, well accustomed to and just hope that we’ll talk about ourselves and family and anything silly just to keep the conversations going. If by the end of the date it doesn’t go well at least I would have tried and come to think of it I’d still have a calendar to go.

So to all my friends that I think are cute I will ask you out for an ice cream and if I like you more more coffee dates are on the way. We will not take snaps but focus on enjoying the moment instead of later on flirting on WhatsApp and getting angry on blue ticks. Maybe she might not even accept to go on a date with me but still I will beat my fears of rejection because after all I have seen worse  things in life…like someones pizza and a bucket of chicken nuggets fall in mud just when they’d gotten home!

Still I have preformed opinions of the girl I will date: I won’t mind if she doesn’t mind her own hair and steals my shirts, she looks like a lazy Sunday afternoon not Friday night, listens to the weird stuff I have to say even if she has no clue…and just then I will be willing to let my coffee get cold for her.

Dear Lord I really hope she thinks its awkward because I will make it a random thing. Maybe this unfiltered thought might turn out to be a happily ever after…..but honestly God let her give me drama and stories  to tell because happily ever after is one boring cliche. 




“If you vote in anyone because of roads, hospitals, schools and interchanges then you have a small mind. That’s government responsibility!”
I can proudly say that my beloved country Kenya is in its most disappointing time in political history. We have simply perfected on the art of selling names, tribes and personalities over ideas and manifestos.
The problem is that we are educated but not learned. We go to schools to get knowledge but no one ever teaches us to carve the knowledge into everyday life application. So its always a case of “do as the preacher says not as he does” and so our children in schools have to follow the preachings of water while the very bishops and popes who hold the keys to the gates of heaven are swimming in gulleys of sewers. I bet the keys are already lost!
So today I will support someone thanks to group mentality and ipsos synovate.
I have not given my support to either teams (government opposition) because I’m torn between the choice of right versus the lesser evil vote. In there I stand in a dilemma of cross roads of making perfect choice for Kenya or just casting a vote.
The other day I was watching kenyan news and I must admit I was disappointed to say am #ProudlyKenyan because how on earth does it take days if not weeks for a simply cholera outbreak to be figured out and contained!? This left me thinking of what my very good friend Hellen Saru a pharmacy student in Kenyatta university asked: How prepared is the Kenyan government to respond to crises like water poisoning!? What if we woke up after someone poisoned the main supplies of water with chemiacals or heavy metals!  How long will it take the government to contain the situation or will we say we took a shit at death for our beloved nation?
How long is it to madaraka!? We are not yet free. We are living at even worse times of neo-colonialism. I write this with tears in my eyes that my grandfathers fought for independence from physical limitations like land only for me to be enslaved mentally!
If our ancestors woke up today they’d just die from shock if we can not afford being liberal thinkers. The older generation of politicians is not to fully blame for having instilled in our heads some retrogressive thoughts because I guess the English were wise when they said that History repeats itself!
The youth who are supposed to be the future are the ones lifting weights in preparation for wars of swords in favour of some old political mongrels and that leaves me thinking whether pens are mightier than swords! Maybe if a pen was mightier then maybe such actions would not have spoken louder!
What Kenya needs is not a Barrack Obama type of leader but a Muamar Gadaffi. The latter before his death had dreams beyond schools, roads, hospitals or interchanges. Libya if Gadaffi times saw pregnant women on government payrolls with free quality medication not the Kenyan assuarance of free maternity services, Libyans enjoyed free education all the way to university level and they are just but Africans like we are! Or is Kenya the child of a lesser god!? If not then tell me why we have resorted to feeding pockets and stomachs instead of minds and bringing in real time development.
We can not claim to have advanced beyond the times of the Late Mzee Jomo if right now we are experiencing doubles tragedy of increased unemployment and inflation.
No disrespect but Barrack promised our American brothers change only to realize that he couldn’t bring any by himself because he was being controlled by the “owners” the nation who are normally lurking in the shadows behind the presidential wheel. So he was left to steer a ship that was already sinking!

Take a look at the french election carried out peacefully and defeat accepted easily because of the rule if law hailing the sovereignty of the people and ideas while in Kenya a country of just about 10 million voters we shall rave and rant hurling insults and assaulting one another over love for specific people and political divides…
All I want is for we the people to exercise our civic duty with sobriety.

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Now I know that you are just but human and I see that you ain’t perfect, but, who is!? I have seen the perfection of your imperfections and the beauty in it and now as I learn to love other ladies I surely see how imperfect their beauty is. You gave me the best of all but then all I asked for was always more but you never relented. You gave me a love so true and right now I am busy tryna find someone to fit in your shoes but these are two shoes too big for a normal girl out here. From you I learnt that the most beautiful curve on a lady was her smile but out here…we looking for curves beyond mathematical expressions. You always were so true and original the perfect definition of serene and natural beauty and I miss that. I have traveled the world seen it in all shapes and sizes through screens and filters but ladies no longer build character they build  foundations of make up to their faces. It sure is easy to date two girls because of fake shapes kept tight with waist belts, faces under make up masks. When you hugged me you left me with tender warm affection but nowadays am afraid to hug because i might have an imprint of faces on me…and when you kissed me goodnight and goodbye you gave love but now kisses only give me different shades of colour.
I miss the sweetness of your laughter! You were never shy to let the joy from your heart flow out but now I see sadness hidden beyond emojis and smilies, we no longer laugh out here…the other day I cracked this lady a joke she laughed so loud by just saying “LOL”. The shortest route to a man’s heart is through the stomach and I wont forget those finger-licking dishes you made me. I dated this lady who only knew how to write recipes and warm food on microwave I nearly died of starvation since the only meal she made me was soggy cereal and boiled spaghetti, with pizza from domino’s and coffee from Java chicken and fries from KFC! I am a better cook because at-least I had fishy ideas cooking up in mind! When I came back home you always opened your arms and warm heart but now all they do is open their legs and mouths! Quite a shame! I miss those evening strolls and those photo-shoots from the studio because am sick of being a selfie stick because am tall. I am a man so grown up but I long for the emotional support when crying on your shoulder because the other girl saw me cry she said am a sissy and she broke up with me. I miss the simple expressions of love like ” I love you” because now all she does is double tap to show how she likes me! We never strike real conversation because we want to lengthen our chats with joy coming from typing…and all the fight starting on a blue tick. I miss the stories we’d tell each day honey…everywhere they only tell stories on Facebook and Instagram.
I have considered being single because now I see that I might be the one!
I am still traveling the world looking for a girl just like you!

Your loving son

@kaizen_alvin Norbert Outah





What’s best!? I’d say whiskey but then the beautiful images of the people born on this date George Best and Stacy Awuor…now one is the best footballer and the other you’ll just find out…I swear I’d be the best footballer but I ain’t not because I don’t have the balls to …haha pun intended

On this day 13log 10 +3! years ago the world received the beautiful cries of a beautiful babe in the chambers of a hospital…a mother had just received the call to nurture a queen in her arms!

They will steal everything from you but they won’t steal memories…that’s all I have in mind too…

Do you remember that girl!? The one you always thought about…the one you told me you wanted to be like…the one who comes out of the water to beach in a aura of glamour in its fullness…that girl whom people saw and turned necks…that girl has her birthday today and she is you…be that girl on your bday…

See the universe in a flower garden the world in a grain of sand hold infinity in the palm of your hands and when I am done counting the stars you’ll still be…..

So tonight if Stars won’t shoot across the skies, cross your heart darling and pretend that airplanes in those brilliant night skies are shooting stars and make a wish…not that crazy one though….it’s your day go on queen in it let the other days feel jealous for not having borne you…

And heey Stacy stay young hold on you’re getting older just stay there wait for me…..



“And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee Holy Father, keep through thy own name those whom thou hast given me that they may be ONE as we are.” John 17:11.

In most circumstances we have regarded “ our father who art in heaven…” to be the lord’s prayer but today how about we shift views and take John 17:11 as the true Lord’s prayer for it is the deepest of Jesus’ wishes and prayers to God for his disciples and followers. ONE-NESS is a symbol of love, power, and togetherness…in John10:30 Christ says “I and my father are ONE!” I’d like us to take time and see the analysis of ONE-NESS and realize what Jesus was truly praying for.

John 14:16 “And I will pray my father and he shall give you ANOTHER comforter….” The word “another”  comes from the word “allo/s” meaning same kind…in those times “hetero/s” could be used but hetero would mean different kind as in heterosexual but allos meant of same kind meaning it shared form, likeness and even character! So Christ was not going to just bring a helper but a helper that was ONE in character and being as himself!

In the Garden of Eden, Adam saw Christ, but were they of the same form? You can bet they were not! They did not share the same form as Adam was human and Christ was God so that there was a synaptic gape that made them not completely ONE. For something to be one then there need not be any gap of any sort…but when Christ was born now he was reincarnated in the human form and he then shared the one-ness with nature . So now if we are one with Christ then  we are one with God for Christ is one with God and with us for having shared in our human form!

Take a look at the genetic analysis. Gen 2:21”And the lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept. He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof v22 and the rib…made he woman…Adam said this is now bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman for she was taken out of man.” This is the first ever recorded surgery in the history of the universe! Today if I take part of a cow’s skull and join it with mine, will I say that now the cow is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh? NOPE! That would be insane because we do not share genes but in Gen 2:24 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be ONE flesh!” Though we marry not our blood relatives we are one with our spouses for they are bones of our bones and flesh of our flesh thanks to the genetic connection made by God in Eden in the first successful surgery.

Ephesians5:22-32 in verse 25 Paul asks husbands to love their wives and in verse 28 he urges them to do so as to their own body for he gets this from the story of Eden. In this sense he likens the church to a wife and Christ as the husband. If this is so, for sure it is,then we are ONE with God for the church and Christ are married into ONE-NESS.

In the same sense the humanity of Christ places us even closer to God than even the sinless angels for share a story of redemption that even the angels cannot relate to. Christ is the true vine meaning that there is definitely a false vine. Then we have to ask ourselves this question “which vine am I connected with in one-ness!?” If we are with the true vine then God who is the vine dresser keeps us together and healthy as we learn to bear fruits (TMI). So this means that no one can make us leave the church/ his presence since we have the freedom of choice to follow him that is our true savior ( recall this from Eden where God gave us the freedom of choice to follow his commandments or not).

If we stick to the true vine then we will be the true church/bride for the groom/Christ. Say a co-worker or even a fellow comrade speaks foul of you, do you go ahead and quit the job or learning!? NO! Since you have bills to settle and a future to prepare for right? Then does this make the church any lesser? NO!

“If ye abide in me and my word in you…” and who is the word…JESUS…then by divine power we can conquer the power of sin. Ask yourself which power is in your life!


1 Corinthians6:17But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with Him in spirit.


(Inspired by a sermon on HOPE)


Alvin Norbert Outah



Today people are obsessed by a date forgetting that they actually have a calendar to live. We have a distorted view of reality in our fantasies of daily life till our perception becomes futile….I know some will find my judgement offensive….
Today men and ladies alike will see poetry in a flower and smell heaven from a rose…and tomorrow the same will see sarcasm in I LOVE YOU…interesting!
Today love will sell like hot cakes and tomorrow people will view it like an alien form slavery..for me it all trickles down to one question…WHY COMPRESS 365 DAYS OF LOVE TO A SINGLE DATE!?
It takes a strong man to show a lady love in everyday word and deed but most fools live in the cowardice of their cocoons..

Today show her your demons…the ones that make you feel a lesser man and let her love you for that.

Today tell her your fears that makes you want to hide your dark-side and make it perfectly clear
Today help out in the daily chores sit by her side, fold clothes for her and do those little things that make her complete your world…
Laugh with all childish abandon learn how to love her again…remind her of the old self that made you fall for her…appreciate all her flaws those that make her vintage…priceless….
Today take a break from the drama of life and learn to spend personal time with her in the comfort of your own world…to paint her a picture of your love for her would take more than a day so why waste a minute tryna show the whole world…wait shouldn’t she be your world!?
Imagine its Wi-Fi no smart phones …so tell her you love her without updating your WhatsApp status…have fun without social media…make memories worth more than a timeline…don’t gauge your love by the number of likes you will have on Instagram…live for the moment…


Why not show her all that on a daily basis…How will you miss her if she never left..take a break and remember those halcyon days..back in your youth full of psyche and pomp…when you spent as boys in a YOLO spirit…

and in that break…

you might just see how much she lights up your world, how much complete it seems from a distance…see your life as a ballet without a ballerina and just then learn to cherish the love that you have…


rants and raves

Money is a good aphrodisiac

but flowers work as well

Women love to be flattered but so do men

Am not great for taking you out for dinner

That wasn’t heaven

because my life is a hell

cause am a sinner

I know i might not have been the guy you want to call boyfriend

but I was tryna be a man you’d want to call you girlfriend

I wanted to hold you so close till together would seem too separate

and keep you so long till forever felt a second away

but I guess I was tryna be a second anyway

I wanted to show you my demons

The ones that make me want you

The ones that are afraid to let me let you see my dark

though i knew that you would have lit up my world

Wish you didn’t meet my demons that that showed you all my fears

My fears that showed you the whole of me perfectly clear

Right now i wish i could say I’d hate you even if I didn’t hate you… I mean I’d hate you even if that made sense…

though I know that wont be because the love I have for you equals the hate i should feel against you

because at some point I fell for you

I would have driven through hell for you

Seeing you with another guy would have made me hurt broken maybe heartbroken

I would have been depressed

To a point where deep rest wouldn’t work

But I…I want you to tell me how you made a strong man weak

Yet I was still hoping to be your strength

for you were my weakness

You trod on my meekness

Then my love for you turned to sickness

I was healthy of love Maybe sick of lust

Our love turned to a war that you won to leave me wounded

Too bad my heart too you was bounded

So now I am left to wish that I was right in my choice

In that maybe I would have had a voice

Maybe I would not have sacrificed my joys

Maybe I would have stuck to my boys

Some with fetishes for mechanical toys

But for a love that equals hate

I hope you’ll look at the calendar find him a better date

I hope he treats you not as his number one but his only one

Assume that ours was just a figment of fate


Alvin Norbert Outah

oF lOvE aNd HaTe


I miss her at times and I know she does so often
I admit it at times though I  hate it
She shows it in her demeanor but she just cant help but burn deep inside her with a thousand flames of passion
Am not sorry for breaking her heart but I really am apologetic for giving it ultimate pleasure then taking the pleasure away
I wish i could remind her that beneath this clod rock is that man she hates to love but all she wants to believe is beneath this sweet man is a cold rock that she’d love to hate
I still remember those songs that made us burn in deep moments I remember how much you loved the sad songs that made you feel better I also remember our first night together when you admitted hearing the sweetest word ever since your world coming
They ask they wonder because they saw and I can’t give answers to fit us voth maybe my broken half could taint your shattered half
I know you wish I wasn’t the better half since you tried make me the lesser
Some nights am stuck in wonder and I would easily sulk in it all but I stay strong for you since you still show a weakness for me the harder you try
When we stood we stood up for each other
When we fell we’d swept each other off our feet
When we rose we did it to defend us
When we touched out souls felt light
But now we have to move and move on
Too bad am a man who can be moved
So don’t look for me on that pathway
Nope look into those memories I left you
Its fine to cry occasionally  I hated to see you tears but now i am indifferent
When you miss me, am just a call away

Your old love

U is for US

I ain’t used to caring

she ain’t used to sharing

so we play truth or dare

“babe can i touch you there!?”

our souls are bare

she touched me there…yes just there…my heart

i melted

like Olaf some people are worth melting for

petty fights

damn she’s cute in her frowning

i make faces and play with hers too

a little woozy but am nicer now

she turns my world round and round

she is just human with a dash of awesome

oopsie the dash was just so much

they think we’re crazy but we’d be mad if we weren’t

that’s where she drives me…no more safety belts

wisdom of the bush

Oh thee great people…

she wants my  love to be deep like the ocean…but she forgets that oceans are also wide and allows many  vessels at a go.

She claims to have fallen in love with me,but  forgets that thee who fall get hurt,and some get broken

She wants my company always,but I gotta grind baby.

Dear girl…
Claim love like the rivers,allows a vessel at a time,got rocks but the waters flow with umph.

Grow in love,and let you not be a victim of falling,for all that grows has life…

Don’t be in a hurry to claim my company like your folks do,instead claim your life,claim your grind…my  being is always there.


popcorn-film-party.png“Life is a beach we all bask on its shores as shark pops corn for us!”

“Every plate of ugali I see is a tragic story of corn that failed in its mission, no insult to my Luhya comrades, a real success story below!” 

Sit back relax grab your low calory popcorns and let me feed your conflated convictions with the real story of the truly popped corn that entered its own tale!

wait a moment my very learned amigos from the lake region would have me skinned alive for saying that maybe is should have said cremated monocotyledon of Zea mays species! Cut that right didn’t I!? Maybe it’s high time I reminded them that English came via the waters yet not a single fish speaks of it!

Quite a moment have there to sit down by that corn popping machine like the old negroes by the fires singing a sweet melody of salvation and hope beckoning in the horizon! days move fast with much to do and no time to do but what a consolation we all have when we come together and crack bad hardcore jokes at each other calling them truths,” za ukweli”,  to make them crack our ribs less painfully!

Am a chipmunk but then I must give my statement on why I don’t “go nuts” (pun intended)! I like my drink coming in the form of a hot mug of triple shot espresso but then we are all bound to change which is quite inevitable.

Every man’s dream is to make money and spend it all up  surrounded by a bevy of beauties and guess that’s what we get in  small doses though! At this point, my thug life buddy Nyandondiwould shout his favorite phrase “may the gods keep the wolves in the forests and women in our…!”

You can’t catch me up on my spoken word, wait a moment this is written, how’s that again i must have missed out on something!? 

Money is a damn good means of flattery and my fictional friend Lazurus Long will tell you women love flattery but so do men but then popcorn has proven quite some catch creeping into the softness of both ladies and gentlemen alike!

Well, I can’t really tell you fully the magic oF this I guess you’d like to grab them by your own self as you end you day in style like our untold hero who ends his tale in chivalry!

credits to own “pop-star” Shark, Jonathan, Nyandondi the Poncorp and Bancy or well known Banshee for making the evenings more bearable!

Long live Poped Corn!

quite  an exit…I throw one in the air and………CRUNCH!


STONEBENCH: eid mubarak

“Islam and Christianity are lifestyles not religions and everyone has his or her own” thats what engineeralvin says.
Id Mubarak to my brothers and sisters who have completed their most religious month, Ramadhan, in which they denied themselves not only food but also earthly and bodily pleasures in bid to get closer to our Creator!
I have come to the point of realization and this is what struck me…our “differences” make us more alike than different!
Christianity is based on the life of Jesus Christ as Islam is on the life of Muhammad S.A.W in which none of them fosters the disrespect for human life or even gets a close shave to bringing disparity between us! What about some bit of history here Christianity was a word given to the ancient church meaning “like Christ” and in His short human life He showed the most perfect human lifestyle pure and blameless before the eyes of God off-course man sees imperfection even in the perfect!
Islam is one of the highest forms of disciplined lifestyles on earth! Imagine not position or power, weather or any other factor except the one of health can bar a true Muslim not to make that prayer! If no water they go for sand to clean up before that prayer to our heavenly father!
I am yet to read a verse in the Bible or a surah in the Quran that incites us to fight against each other and until I find one (future impossible tense) then we are stuck together for life!
Let us all face facts here none of us is born holding any faith but we are all taught to BELIEVE in some form of faith that we choose to conform to! No one has the inscription of his believe on his/her skin so all this is VIRTUAL REALITY!
Islam,Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and all faiths are leading us all to the same final destination HEAVEN! That is a reward for having lived a life worthy before our Maker! Its like walking in the streets everyone is on the same path but different shoes need I remind us that all roads lead to Rome!?
So today lets all stand together and hold hands, laugh our guts out share that bad joke with our Muslim brothers as our sisters finish preparing that delicious plate of Pilau……talking of that Zainab and Neilah are just serving so let me have a bite……you bet its delicious my eyes closed I can still find my way through nasal tracking
EID MUBARAK from the one and only Chipette Ris!

STONEBENCH:kiss of fate! R.I.P

IMG-20160702-WA0001[1]“They left home walking now they’ll go back shoulder-high-so sad a thought !”

Were they careless or did they care less for life? that’s what I’ve been left to ask myself.First of all Rest In Peace to our fallen comrades i totally respect the lives lost on that tragic accident of a nightmare! Quick recovery to the survivor!

Maybe they traded a lifetime for a split-second of fun,call that living life large! come to think of it was that party that worthy!? wait before we think deep enough did mummy oh no she was sweet daddy’s girl, did he know? You faked guilty innocence but now i guess nature balances with justice so hard on our bereft parents who now feel the pinch direct on the nerves! All they knew was that sweet little girl with a smile so charming yet beneath that childish innocence was a number 7 whose age is an art in the museum of life!

I totally don’t want to imagine what they told their parents the money they raved was meant for! They thought their little stars were shinning with knowledge of books with a discussion in class being the only hype they understood.

I am no parent but I write this to show how much I feel for their parents. It is such pain beyond comparison to bury(take out of this world) what you painfully brought in to this world!

Let me give you scientific facts as a man of science; a human body can bear up to 45 Del (units) of pain yet at the time of birth a mother bears up-to 57 Del (units) of pain that is an equivalent of 20 bones being fractured at the same time! do you feel that love engraved in the pain she wouldn’t let hold her back! Now that mum thought she’d step on the soils of Kenyatta University to see her child graduate and pick her certificate but now she is tagging people along to help her carry her child’s belongings out!

It sure is heart breaking I am actually trying to hold back a tear as I think of the parents who have been left behind in pain of child loss, disappointment and unsettled minds of what probably they never knew!

We can’t fake to say we know how you feel but we can just imagine and we wont tell you not to cry( it helps to relieve pain when you shed that tear) we cant act out strong because sometimes we just need to sulk in deep pain with you and that makes us more humane!

To all those affected receive heartfelt condolences from comrades and other people who have no way of reaching you!

May the good Almighty God the Lord of all be with you in this devastating moment!

STONEBENCH the starter’s tale

“A bunch of dope campus kids who don’t want beef, not because they are over-weight vegeterians!”

Highly illegal! Maybe that could describe the note at which the week started! Quite a differerent one this time round when they set out to the neverlands where weeds are cherished more than plants. I never said that and you can’t catch me upon my spoken word yet this is written so I can write with the highest form of ignorance abandon!

Put in any layman’s language they do nothing bad just puff their chests out to see the different angle!  Huh come on its nothing different we are in the wild wild west where anything thats not you willl eventually try to kill you too good they found a safer ground to play their cards on!

EVEn up the odds! That’s what Kendrick does at best so Beauty came into the picture! Did i say the Hypekid featured in it? So what if we started a smaller documentation…

War of Words! The best weaapon anyone could use to get their prey laid on their “dinner table”! Blackwolverine prooved to have nuclear weapons so  Hypekid gave in with such a curse! Thehowl can do what he does best, defend the Blackwolverine’s opinion!

Tribute to the Beauty in the picture worth a thousand words but all I did was give you the thousand words, get the picture?  Okay wait let me paint you a portrait!  Imagination thats all you need but trust me on this she is a beauty! If she slaps you i bet you’ll thannk her for doing that! I haven’t said she is short tempered but thats her height! HAHA we are all not on level ground hope she doesn’t get this bit.

What crowns such an eventful day if not a Monday Siesta! I need a moment to go back to my dream world and get the remaining bits of this story!

what’s a writing without mentions! Acknowledments to Gloria Sali, Kennedy Mwongela, Kevin Kimutai, John Musumba and Mathews Maloba alias Sims for their inspiration and Felix Were the silent one last and also least Ian Kimutai for missing out on such a day!

…..LA FIN.……….



R is for REALITY

I know am cute…. But if you tell me… My cheeks may turn pink… I know am a sweetheart, but if you admit it… I’ll appreciate your honesty. I know am caring… But if you remind me…. Ill acknowledge you…. I know its good to be around me….. But if you say it… I may stick around you for a while…

with  realfriends Simon Ngoma, Ismael Akala, Kennedy Mwongela, Ian Kimutai, Kevin Kimutai, Mathews Maloba, John Musumba

She was an enigma. A force to be reckoned with. With every step she took, she turned heads. Hordes of men pursued her. Like wild beasts that had smelt blood, they were hot on her heels. Everytime she passed a gathering of men the conversation stopped. Lips hovered mid-sentence. Someone was now starstruck. Awestruck. Curious […]

via The Town — Tuchi Chronicles





The human race has been reduced to nothing but the ground we tread on!Too many facts to live-by, too many rules to keep, too many laws to watch over us, too many programs to run! A rush is made every year to the environmental conservation program courses! Hashtags on wildlife and forest conservation string trending on our twitter handles and fill our ears from all news rooms in radio and televisions. Conferences being held each day to the effect of conserving “nature” fostered by some power hungry men and women some truly genuine and some who have already deemed themselves “warriors of the natural existence” by title of being “ENVIRONMENTALISTS or NATURALISTS”

Great are the laws enforcing grievous punishment to fellow mankind for being “careless” or maybe for having to care less for the “natural” ! I have come to the point of asking myself whether all the flora and fauna are God made and we as the human race ARTIFICIAL? And on that i would demand an answer! In this world there is only one me and only one you so why don’t  you  view me and you as being endangered or as being limited editions of our own kind  and turn back to the fays when brotherly affection was key and prime!

For as much as religion is concerned we are the replica of our Creator and we are special to Him.

GENESIS Chapter 1…27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.

so in the famous words of Bob Marley I would remind us all
…….Sayin’: One Love! What about the One Heart? (One Heart!)
What about the – ? Let’s get together and feel all right.
I’m pleadin’ to mankind! (One Love!);
Oh, Lord! (One Heart) Wo-ooh!….

Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right;
Let’s get together and feel all right.
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right;
Let’s get together and feel all right.

cc: all mankind




SO if life throws lemons at you engineeralvin says make a lemonade then go ahead and look for someone of whom life has given vodka and throw one hell of a party!

Parents! Parents! Parents! How many times did i just call them? That includes all elderly people as per me! They are the living manifestation of horror to young upcoming stars call them youth!

They technically hate everything that the youth love! talk of speed, danger, and related kinds to youth are nothing but FUN but our parents make them seem like some kind of SIN engraved in a coating of MISCHIEF.Let me try to think its too early to remind us of the effects of mid-life crisis!

Truly am trying to understand all this in the parental realm but duh am dumb in it because all they see is some hell on earth! But come on they all passed through this so tit for tat seems fair enough on them on behalf of their parents!  We’re young and trying to get it so we live large and outwardly! They think its dangerous we coat it in fun!

It surely is a big world but we are even bigger trying to push each other to the limit we are learning quicker! ! I personally wont comment on smoking herb and drinking burning liquor since am not even acquainted to that field!

Rave heart mode on we live by the moment and let the worries of our futures to our parents! The wise men who apparently are old men said tomorrow is not yet here and yesterday is gone so live today as the first day of your life but we added ” also last day”! Parental worry of tomorrow comes as religious mockery to we youth as the Holy scriptures remind us that ” We are more special to our Heavenly Father compared to birds that don’t worry but still live on!”

The dark is the devils kingdom but hey come on we brand ourselves “knights” go and jumble it up for we still are children of light and yeah it does us some good to still acknowledge the powers of our good God still get  exercised even in the devils kingdom!

Even the Holy Book says enjoy the days of your youth and we surely appreciate the remaining bit of remembering our Creator on Saturday and Sunday masses !

Maybe a little bit of  a reminder to our good old men and women: YOLO I am sorry if you didn’t get that but duh that’s that! After-all I am yet to see a person who lived through and took life that seriously and still managed to come out of it alive!!!!( off course no religious references to Elijah and Enoch)

So live life

love life

live large



Dear future wife

Hope this finds you well wherever you are! i am in the greatest anticipation that that has lasted my lifetime so far am now falling for the suspense of meeting you.

i wish you could be kind enough to send  me a mail to ask how i am doing and if i am really preparing  for our future but you bet i am.

i wish you could even send me a friend request on Facebook, tag me on Instagram so i could even double tap on your pics, follow me on twitter or even give me a call so i could get enticed by the sweetness of your soothing voice. or even just text me or send me a pic of you on whatsapp so i could have you as my WCW!
I am really dying to even know the colour of your eyes! all i ask myself is “where is she? where is this beautiful girl who’s gonna take up my world?” cou8ld you even for once send me your name so i could even fancy how sweet your name rhymes with mine!

all i know is that you are the most beautiful girl in the world and for sure i have already fallen for you. though we are yet to meet am sure i will know you thee moment i see you! maybe some-boy is try to play your mind around but i trust you for i know my queen well.

I have already promised to be the king in our world and you the queen and we shall have princes and princesses!

dont judge my writing is so skimpy with por punctuation but thats how much i anticipate our being together but you can trust my speech is the kings speech to the queens taste

your loving future husband




L is for LOVE

being born means that we are beings that are alive

being alive is nothing without love

to love means that we suffer

then sufferance means we are dying

dying means loss of life

then why should we be born

its hard to love and not be  loved back

even hard it is for us love then undo the love living in pretense that we cannot be

it hurts at-least that’s what i know

trust me in these matters experience needs not be our prime teacher

we say in love like its a button we press that can undo to make us out of love

its a strong word

its a feeling that needs surety



M is for MOSES & N is for Naomi & S is for STACY

So these names basically make the people i cherish and cal siblings of mine. they say we oughtn’t test the depth of waters with both feet but for them i would. there is no limit that i wouldn’t reach for them. i could fight in a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes for them. if what i  feel for them is called love then its for sure that love is the most beautiful thing in the world!

for them love at first sight is a reality because i loved them even before i had my eye on them


you are more than what speech could describe at anytime i got your back.

the only man that can come between us is dad and young brother Moses

and no lady is at your status with  mum being an exception!


i would lose the would just for you. if you are in trouble i will be the one to fight for your right no matter where it lies. lots of love from me

SO to us sibling rivalry is a literary thing just found in works of fiction!

may the good LORD GOD grant you the desires of your heart and may you grow both in favour of God and man

lots of affection


H is for HER

And so here she was just by my side! i  must say that she is to me what words cannot express!

“she is a beautiful song with a beautiful chorus while am the untuned guitar just playing the verses”

describing her beauty to the world would be an understatement.

we both had so  much to say but i lacked  words to say it in fact how could i even say it yet my intention was to   give her 100% of our time!?!!!

oh wait a minute!1 we didn’t capture the moment in a photograph but we surely made memories for our selves with eyes just open time flied (wish it were frozen) i bet no hearts were broken!

so we staged our play and waited for the next piece!


i want to know her curves and her straights her bumps and her dents where she bends and where she breaks

i want to know her dark side which has no flicker of light

want to know the ugliest part of her being where her existence fights against her personality! I  want to know the parts of her body she hates most and still love it

i want to know her darkest past and still embrace it

so that she wouldn’t be my number one but my only  one

and so stories would no longer be told of Romeo and Juliet but of ALVIN AND………


So once again    the day deemed ‘world’s lovers’ day is here with us! and thus we consequently have to mindlessly  put on red scarlet and related   colours to blend in with    our spouces

so today   i checked several versions of calendars and realized that  none of them has this day highlighted not even the french one from  Paris the city of love has February 14th as    a national or world holiday huh!!!

so i  was tempted to think  in the most chauvinistic manner that valentine day was a conspiracy by ladies against men and their pockets!!!!!

women know how to get we men! out of the blues valentine approaches then we are called all   sorts of fancy names to intrigue our emotional weakness in bid for a day out!

well played ladies but   too bad i have realized and we shall react to it! i must accept and congratulate you for that trick that has worked the charm for years.


if we love a lady for instance if i love her should i wait   till 14th Feb to show it to her? no! that would mean that if i don’t  take her out then i don t love her but no that’s not the case.

if we really love our  ladies then we will show then everyday  in the small things we do     daily after-all didn’t they say that it is the small things in life that matters?!?!

Even lovers need a break to realize how much the love each other so on valentine if i really love her I’d not take her out but I’d let her go on her own or  even with her girls or other friends as i do the same and the time apart would enable us see our flaws that we cover for each other and how imperfect we are apart and that would strengthen  our love!!!

so this is a post dedicated to all men especially my dear friends;Ismael Akala, Gideon    Ireri, Joe Mukoma, Simon Ngoma and Simon Ndeithi






A is for Alvin

B is for Brother

C is for Christine

D is for Dina

E is for Emperor

F is for Fear

G is for God

H is for Homeland

I is for Ivy

J is for Jack

K is for Kayla and Kyler

L is for Love

M is for Moses

N is for Naomi

O is for Ocean

P is Patience

Q is for Queen

R is Remnant

S is for Stacy

T is for Today

U is for Unity

V is for Victory

W is for Want

X is for X-rated

Y is for You

Z is for Zoo

@Journey without you…

this is just one beautiful mixture of words

Some Random Thoughts...


At the midway of Life, walking all alone,
Feeling empty inside, the Soul has somewhere gone…

Looking out for that caring hand but no one is there to hold me,
Looking around for those beautiful eyes but no one is there to console me…

Just getting lost in these dark long nights,
A dead silence is making its way in my eyes…

Every Night I try really hard to sleep,
Every Night I cry really badly somewhere deep…

Passing the nights longing for some rays,
Hoping for some miracle that could mend my ways…

With some Moist in my eyes, standing at the midway of life…!!!

© Mohit Sharma (picktheflick)
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You say you love the rain but you still use an umbrella when it rains,

you say you love the sun but you still hide under the shade when it shines,

you say you love the wind but you still close your window when it blow.

That is why I fear when you say you love me.

Am love phobic



THE Streets are clear, the air hot, putrid ,lifeless, the sky is unforgivably cloudless! its one of the hot days of summer day 16! summer lasted 12 months in this area! tic toc of shoe heels are heard then a stop! a man stops in the middle of the streets dressed in a shuddered clothing and a top hat to adorn it. looks around sees no one! eyes peep through structures that seem to have forgotten the meaning of life. he calls out and no one responds!
giggles and cackling laughters are heard. he doesn’t speak their language its obvious now that he is a stranger!!!!!!!!!!1

National Geographic (& a poem) on International Women’s Day

the long way home

Sandorfi-KalfonariumToday is International Women’s Day, and to honor it, National Geographic has a powerful photo spread of women from around the world, called “Portraits of Strength”. While looking through some of the comments, I saw this beautiful poem posted by the poet herself. Read the poem, see the pictures, and listen to the stories of a woman today.

I am a tree
Helen Bar-Lev

Did you think I was a woman?
Oh no, I am a tree
rooted and immovable
impossible to conceive
the scenes
that I have seen

Now gnarled and warped
weathered and aged
wrinkled and withered
bent to the ends of recognition
too rigid to give in
to the whim of man
I stand true to the tune
of the wind echoing
my own inner rhythm
persistent, consistent, constant

Perhaps every tree
was once a woman –
only a woman could stand so strong

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Where I Should Be

Should I be
Right where I am?
Or did I miss
My only chance?

Is this what my life will be?
A series of what ifs, could haves, and maybes?

Until you, that is what I believed.
I always felt so out of place,
Worried that insecurity was my only fate.
But now I know that with you,
I’m always standing where I should.

You’re the only thing that I’m sure of
And the only part of life I love
Every moment of every day.
I just hope you feel the same way.

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Beauty and the Beast

Simply touching

Journal of an Indonesian College Student

She was a book, which he never gave more than a look.
She was a flute, that he wished he could mute.
She was a mix of wonderful ingredients, and he was a mix of
heart-breaking opinions.
She was a fruit, ripe and sweet. He was the knife, that cut her deep.

She’d often go to bed, and look to the sky.
She’d search for a star, wishing one would past by.
Because if one ever did, it would give her a chance,
to wish for a man, who’d ask her to dance.
You see she was a book, titled “Someone Please Save Me.”
She yearned for a sequel, titled “Thank Goodness you Found Me.”
Her heart was too pure, too nice to break hearts.
His heart was pitch-black, his words were like darts.

The world is unfair, cruel to say the least.
When the wonderful beauty, is paired with…

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She is a beauty to behold

so true and serene

epitome of natural beauty

she keeps her hair medium

not that she doesn’t like it tall or short but

she knows the beauty engraved in that

black in color

i like her for whatever she is

i know that someday she will be with me or me with her

either here or anywhere else in  this world

as long as i have her by my side

yester night i had a crazy dream about me and her

so bad i had to wake up

so today i sit here and write  that one day I WILL

I WILL stand to stand out for her

I WILL love her when she falls asleep until she wakes up and in between

I WILL continue loving and making love to her

I WILL fight in a thousand worlds and

I WILL live for her and just her  in ten thousand lifetimes

I WILL wait till the end of time

I WILL only make three wishes

That she be the only thing i ever want in this world

That i be the  only one…..

That she be with me only twice

N.O.W. and F.O.R.E.V.E.R

I WILL hold her in my arms and give her the love she always needed

I WILL stand and stare into her lovely eyes

and when the sun sets into the horizon


I WILL tell her that she rocks my world



4am. 4. a.m. FOUR A.M.

A Father's Pregnancy

It’s … You know the time. She is awake.

I won’t say it never happened before, because it has. But it is definitely more pronounced since she got pregnant. She goes to sleep at a decent hour and falls right into snoring. Perfect.

She has a really sweet snore so don’t think I’m complaining, darnit.

But at some point I wake up and find her gone or leaving. I have a sense for these things. I ask her to stay. She sometimes does.

What is going on? Her mind must race at odd hours of the night and she can’t sleep beyond that point.

What am I to do? I hate sleeping without her so much I might as well … Oh, I dunno, speak through my new blog or something.

I actually have my eye on a big pile of laundry I failed to tackle today.

I just do…

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Lavine Dot 20150213_235956
Imagine facebook without friends
twitter without followers
instagram without likes
a day with no sunshine or a night without darkness
imagine the sun rising from the west one evening
a life without death
imagine what the world would be like if you just cared for a minute
imagine what would happen if law wasnt in existence
imagine a world without computers and smartphones
what would happen if animals could talk like they do in animations
imagine a world with dinosaurs
imagine if hell was not bellow us and lived in heavens
imagine what it would feel like if humans could fly
imagine what you would do without her
imagine hatred non existent

Life goes on

The Forgotten Anon Girl

I have not lived for years,
I have lived each moment as a lifetime….

Things have not always been good,
I have tried to improve everything…

Life may not have given me a chance to smile,
I have sworn to bring a smile on the face of an unknown….

I have not got whatever I wished for,
I have earned for whatever I longed for…

I know the pain of being lonely,
I try to be friends with unknown…

I know the importance of love,
I spread life wherever I go….


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The Forgotten Anon Girl

Dreams are lije butterflies.
The more you run after them,
The farther they seem to fly.
So just work for it patiently.

Dreams are like ladders.
Before taking another step ahead,
Make sure the other foot is firmly set.
Or else you’ll stumble down.

Dreams are like songs.
There is a set way to sing it,
But still new notes impress.
Its important to follow the latest trends.

Dreams are like stars.
They shine brightly to guide you,
The distance never lessens though.
Hence, follow the heart like a teacher.

Dreams are like flowers.
They bloom in the season and bring success,
Sometimes the showers may reduce the number.
Happily enjoy the bouquet made.

Dreams are like candles.
They have to be burnt to emit light,
Where burning one emerges another.
Spread the light of knowledge.

Dreams are like rivers.
Nothing can stop its flow,
Even though the pebbles can…

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A Mermaid’s Tale

Down here,
There’s an entire world
No human could possibly understand.
They can imagine, even visit.
But they will never truly comprehend.

Their lack of knowledge
Creates mystery and speculation
A sense of wonder and amazement.
They draw up these colorful images
Write these beautiful stories
And fantasize our reality
Until it’s no longer our reality.

Their perception is futile
And their judgements are offensive.
Thinking they know.
Believing we’re something that we aren’t.
A fairy tale.
A dream.
But in our world,
We are something much different.
Humanity fabricated an idea of us.
Transformed us into something

Long, flowing hair.
Darting, bright eyes.
Shimmering, lustrous fin.
And an enchanting, vivacious life.

They make us out to be these spectacles
And make up these stories
Because they assume that’s how it would be.

Vibrant fish swimming all around.
Colorful coral covering the ground.
Glistening waters
And deep…

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A Shattered Heart

A shattered heart
Scattered across the floor
Broken apart
Together no more.

And used.

It no longer works
The way it used to.
Now, like a corpse
It is dead, lifeless, blue.

To the ground
It tumbled
Barely made a sound
As it stumbled

Now it lies
Cracked and crumbled.
All out of tries
To recover from this fumble.

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Passion of Our Love

Subdued Flamboyance


Oh my baby,

Let me drive you crazy.

Give you what you need,

Your passion let me feed.


Until you’re slated,

And truly elated.

Until you explode with pleasure,

That cannot be measured.


In love, In passion,

So incredibly fine.

Your sexy hands baby,

Along my spine.


Don’t hold back,

Let your passion flow.

Move with me,

Let yours actions show.


Hearts beating wildly,

Sweat intermixed.

Oh my baby,

My love is at peak.


Yes, you remind me baby,

You’re mine.

So sexy, so passionate,

Simply divine.


Copyright © 2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.

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Memoirs of a wooden author

Journal of an Indonesian College Student

“The end.” I write confidently.
I finish up another story.
I have to say, this was the best one yet.
Filled with wonderful metaphors and clever plotlines.
I’d love to write another one, but I have to face facts; I’m nearing the end of my life.
I’m getting shorter and shorter by the sentence; but that’s okay.
I’ve seen how a piece of paper, can be transformed into a piece of art.
I’ve seen how a sentence can inspire laughter, and how an ending can spark tears.
I’ve seen the beauty of words.
What more could a pencil ask for?

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Lavine Dot 20150213_182115CUT THAT RIGHT AIN’T IT..?
Valentine huh
Well I was all by myself when some question cut through my thoughts just like any other .I am aware of the fact that today was 14 February all known and deemed the world lovers day.
Huh the thought was astonishing and I can’t help ask you why do we humans treat matters of seriousness with such lightness?
Morning hours I found myself catching a movie instead of heading to church( Dear Lord God forgive me ) then a good friend of mine a lady I treasure sends me a text
Christine: Happy Sabbath and vals
Me: happy day indeed
Then much of our blah blah then she asked me a question that stirred me up…WHAT’S UP WITH THE VALENTINES?
All I could say is exactly what I want to say to you who just happened to read m post on this blog
If you really do love that person or should I say if I really love you or if you really love me why not show it in every day that we are together?
I really don’t need that flower cause I will throw it away when its already dried .No matter how silly you think you might seem on any other apart from the 14 FEB just prove to me that you really do
Love isn’t about getting me a flower on valentines or giving me a kiss or making love but just being there for someone who gives you the feeling of home and tries so hard to make laugh or at least smile even if you are not in the mood to…

what if?

I was thinking then i asked myself what if?

What if i woke up just a minute or two early this morning would i have added time to my day?

What if she had not walked by my path would i have met her?

What if dreams are real would the world be perfect

What if  men walked around in skirts and handbags would it be gay

What if i could reach the itchy part of my back?

What if my present was someone elses past

What if we never had money

What if she could see through my mind

What if I could freeze time

What if aliens were just friends

What if the law didn’t exist would we still have criminals

What if I could feel the sound of the dead

What if for a  moment humanity sacrified its ego for love

What if smartphones crashed

I had one last wish in life what would it be?

What if i never had to think about tomorrow would life be messed

What education was self examined would we all be brilliant

What if Hitler wasn’t born

What if slavery was not existent would we appreciate freedom

What if humans changed colour like chameleons would a reality




Hmm i just thought why not ask you this!
Why and who said that beauty lies beneath that light skin!
Who said so that you thicken you skin by layers of cream?
Who said that to be beautiful you must put on scanty clothes?
Wait a.minute! Those aint clothes but left over rags!
What do you look for or how do you make a request for that small dress?
Do you make an order for your 3 yr old sister!
Who said that beauty is all about dressing expensive and going hungry?
Who said that being skinny makes you more beautiful?
Who said beauty lies in those hair dies?
You put on long high heels
Did you check on yourself before leaving?
Let me tell you this!
Beauty comes from above
All are made beautifully and wonderfully so sys the most high
To be beautiful you must
Save your poor soul and dress good
Ladies we men will always hang around the scantily dressed one to get sexual appeal but for long life marriage we go for that long touch down skirt naive church or resrved lady

being a man


I once thought that being a man was about age, depth of the  voice height chest size having ladies but i was wrong! It is the most misunderstood concepts in life but today i will tell you what i have learnt it is or it ain’t.

Being a boy you say my this and my that you have a self centered point of view so a boy is a receiver but a


That is one
A man has a dream then chases after it son! Every day morning i had two choices either continue dreaming or wake up to actualize them you know what i did to get tis far?
Son a man is defined by his thoughts choices and what he has not for himself but the world.
Son be the best you can be and don’t ever take no!

If you have to be a man then you have to have a dream and chase it
to be a man you must be able to distinguish between wants and needs so as to better your life and that of those in this world.
to be a man then you have to live a life that will forever be a story and you will never do that if you don’t live a life worth storying about.
You will have to make choices and accept the consequences of your choices
being a man is all about standing to stand out for what you hold as your governing principles
so son in whatever this world entrusts you with know that in one way or the other you will hold and bear responsibilities

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